About Us

DuPont Family

Family Owned and Operated Since 1982

Willamette Plastics was founded in 1982 initially servicing the recreational pool industry.  Since that time we have grown and expanded into the following industries: medical, dental, aerospace, semiconductor, industrial, beverage, gaming and graphic art industries.

Equipment & Machines for Variety of Projects and Sizes


  • We offer 9 thermoforming (6 vacuum forming & 3 pressure forming) machines.  The largest machine a 3 station rotary has the capabilities of running up to a 60”x120” sheet. 
  • Four 5-axis CNC routers with trimming tolerances of +/-.005”-.010”

Large Supplier Network

We have a variety of auxiliary equipment for value added processes such as swaging, punching, stamping, and milling.  We have a large supplier network with valuable relationships for specialty plastics, painting, silk screening, pad print, special coatings, and metal plating.

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