Thermoforming Plastics Manufacturing Company

Willamette Plastics offers full development and design from idea to end product for thermoformed and vacuum formed plastics products. We can assist you in developing a product that fits your needs and the thermoforming plastics process.


Vacuum Formed Plastics »

A fast and cost-effective way to produce plastic parts and offers great value for a wide range of products.

Pressure Formed Plastics »

Pressure forming is a thermoforming technique for parts requiring higher precision and detail, with more control.

Rapid Prototyping »

Willamette Plastics can make an MDF or tooling board tool and form first articles in only a few days.

Design Services »

Willamette Plastics can help design parts for better manufacturability and cost. We use Solidworks and Surfcam.

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Our Experienced Team is Committed to Exceptional Quality & Standards